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Fitoexpert system is designed for the monitoring of the phytosanitary domain in Romania. It manages the phytosanitary passports and economic agents that carry out activities of production, storage, marketing, import of plants, vegetal products and other items that are subject to phytosanitary inspection. The application allows complete monitoring of import-export activities and delivers complex statistics and reports about the movement of plants within a country.

The phytosanitary passport is automatically released from the Fitoexpert system and allows movement within the country of certain plants and crop products subject to phytosanitary legislation in force. The phytosanitary passport follows the plants, vegetal products and the articles stipulated in the phytosanitary legislation, in international trade developed between two countries, as a protection measurement against the introduction and spreading of quarantine pests harmful to plants and vegetal products.

Fitoexpert brings many benefits, such as:

  • Overview on the entire phytosanitary activity;
  • Monitoring the entire presence of phytosanitary products on one country's territory, maintaining the complete history;
  • Statistics by establishments, productions, phytosanitary passports, etc.;
  • The improvement of coordination between certificates, visas and phytosanitary passports;
  • The information is registered one time in the system;
  • Powerful interrogation instruments;
  • Real time useful information to the management and users, no matter of their location;
  • Through simulation options and flexible and dynamic nature of the solution there are made forecasting plans, assessments and market trends of phytosanitary field;
  • Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of phytosanitary units and improving the quality of public services;
  • Complex and flexible reports.